Q :    What's the t-shirt size ?
A :    Please see our size chart page
Q :    Is your t-shirt slim fit ?
A :    No, we use regular t-shirt type
Q :    I select the wrong size/color, how can i fix this ?
A :    Please fill the contact us form, and write down your final size/color, and your order detail
        We can't change the size and color if it pass 24 hours since the orders, because we process it already

Q :    Am I still have to pay for customs fee and taxes ?
A :    Yes, all fees and charges is buyer responsibilities, every country have different customs fee and taxes
Q :    Can i get rush shipping ?
A :    No, we using standard air mail, for us or international shipping, please consider this before you make a purchase
Q :    How many days for the package to arrive ?
A :    For US : we need 14-21 working days until it arrive
        For non US : we need 21-30 working days until it arrive
Q :    Why it took so long ?
A :    For every order placed, we made custom and print it special for you, so we need more time for handling before shipped it to you.
Q :    It's more than 30 working days, why i still haven't receive my package ?
A :    There's several cause for delay, your country shipping policy and customs is most of many reasons
        Please contact us, if your package still not arrive in 30 working days
Q :    Can i have combine shipping for more than one purchase ?
A :    No, we don't have combine shipping, we give discounts for more than one t-shirt with the same design
Q :    Where's the item location ?
A :    We have several warehouse, mostly it came from United States, Hong Kong and Indonesia
Q :    What payment method, other than Paypal ?
A :    We just use paypal as our payment method, you can use credit card through paypal, it's safe and easy
Q :    Can i use different currency, beside US dollar ?
A :    Yes, we receive most currency of other country through paypal, it automatic convert the rate
        using paypal is safe and easy
Q :    How do i get the latest news and product ?
A :    Please subscribe here
Q :    I sent the contact us form, but i've got no reply ?
A :    Please allow us to reply the email in 1-2 working days, if it still not there, please check your spam/junk mail
Q :    There's questions that not listed here, how can i get the answers ?
A :    Please fill the contact us form, and we reply it in 1-2 working days